I’m still jetlagged

Wells Fargo original 1867 stagecoach

I’m back in London after a brilliant two weeks examining the history of another city – San Francisco.

We spent two weeks living in a downtown apartment in Sutter Street. It was at Sutter’s sawmill in 1848 that gold was first discovered. Wells Fargo was founded in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. They have a museum with an immaculately restored stagecoach in it, but I preferred this 1866 original looking one which is in their banking hall. It certainly looks like it’s got some stories to tell, and probably fought off quite a few bandits. The stagecoaches ran until 1918 because the railways only reached the bigger towns.

I mention this here because there were “stand and deliver” highwaymen operating on Bow Road in London. It got so bad that an early form of police station opened here in the late 17th century to deal with the problem. It features in my Mile End walk.