New East End guided walk Sunday

My new guided walk: “The Social & Industrial History of Hackney Wick” runs next Sunday at 11am.

It had a successful and enjoyable test run on Tuesday with friends and fellow guides, plus a contingent of the Bow Geezers who have been helping me. The walk took ever so slightly longer than it should, because we went in a bar half way round!

A huge panoply of industrial and social history took place at Hackney Wick. Back in 1811 the local silk mill upgraded from an unreliable waterwheel to having two steam engines driving 30,000 spindles. The petrol for the 1896 London to Brighton car run was made here, and delivered in two gallon cans by horse and cart.

I’ve spent more than a year researching in archives and reading Victorian newspapers in the British Library. Join me this Sunday at 11am to discover the fascinating, and largely hidden, history of this vibrant area.

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