Roger Mayne photo exhibition near Oxford Circus

There are some great photos from the 1950s by Roger Mayne on in the Photographers” Gallery until 11th June. These are mostly shots of children and teenagers on the streets of North Kensington. It helped that they knew him, so he was able to capture the unaffected look and feel of the area at that time. I’ve known of his work for a long while, but there are plenty of photos I’d not seen before, along with book covers and amusing letters from the Arts Council. This is on the 2nd floor and well worth seeing.

On the 4th floor is part of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize. These are mostly portraits by Dana Lixenberg taken in LA in response to the “Rodney King riots”.

The only thing I can say about the Deutsche Börse continuation on the 5th floor is that the view from the window is more interesting that the pictures. Maybe it’s because the images are now an asset class to be promoted. Here’s part of the story.

Down on the lower ground, in the print sales gallery, there are some great early photos by Martin Parr.

The Photographers’ Gallery is in Ramillies Street, and open 7 days a week. It’s free if you can get there before noon, otherwise £4