Launch of Smartphone Filmmaking Course

Demonstrating how a film is constructed

Last Thursday Andrew Stuck and I launched part one of our Smartphone Filmmaking course at the Calthorpe Project, near Kings Cross. Since they have iPads it’s being run as the iPad filmmaking course, but the idea is the same. Participants are to make 1-3 minute properly planned and edited films using nothing more than the equipment they already have.

My overview included, “Your tablet is capable of filming high quality footage – in the right hands – which is going to be you!” We are pushing the participants to be the best they can be. I think they’ll find it challenging, but the idea is to learn, not to make a perfect film first time. Next week they film on their own, then later we go back to show them how to edit with iMovie using the same tablets.

Andrew and I are learning too, since this is the first time we’ve run this. Everything went to plan. My overview of how an edit works using colour coded pieces of paper (in the photo), seemed to give everybody a good insight into the ingredients they need to capture before they go into the edit.

The first language in this room is Spanish, and we’re very grateful to Carmen (standing next to me) for on the fly translation, and assistance with the course.

When we left there was a lot of enthusiasm in the room, and I’m looking forward to going back to run The Edit.