The Architectural Sporting Heritage of Hackney Marsh

London 2012:

Do you remember Rebecca Adlington winning Bronze in the 400 and 800 metre freestyle swimming events? Do you remember the Zil lanes? London had fun that summer, and despite the last minute security problems, it all went very well.

A “Zil Lane” during the 2012 Olympics

The London Legacy Development Corporation are doing a great job of continuing where the 2012 Olympic Games left off. On any day of the week you can visit the London Aquatics Centre and see it being used as intended. But even the recent 2012 Olympics are now a memory.

Hackney Wick greyhound racing stadium opened in 1932, near where Here East is today. Greyhound racing was revived in the 1990s and a new £14 million stand with restaurants was built amidst cost overruns. It opened in October 1995. Despite a capacity crowd, London Stadium Hackney Ltd, went into receivership on the opening night! The racing stopped in 1997. The greyhound racing is now a memory, and stadium has vanished without trace.

After a huge amount of research my new guided walk “The Architectural sporting heritage of Hackney Marsh” is nearly ready. It features in the London Festival of Architecture during June. This years theme is (guess what) memory.

Join me, Alan Tucker, on a walk across the wide open spaces of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We will explore some of the 2012 sporting venues, see the site of a running track established in 1857, I’ll show you the site where the new V&A museum will be built, plus much more.

I’ve lived locally since 1985 and regularly walk across the former 2012 Olympic Park. If you haven’t seen it recently I think you’ll be amazed by the transformation. If you live locally I’ll show you the history I doubt you ever knew.

This guided walk is part of the London Festival of Architecture 2017.